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Client Wins & Testimonials

This page showcases the remarkable transformations and accomplishments attained by my valued clients. Feel free to navigate through the presented collection of success stories to gain insight into their individual aspirations and personal journeys.

Megh Transformation.jpeg

Powerlifting + Cutting


In January 2022, I was approached by Megh, who expressed his desire to achieve weight loss in order to enhance his physical appearance for an upcoming trip to Europe in May. Additionally, he aimed to build enough strength to achieve personal record-breaking results in a powerlifting competition scheduled for the same month. Over a collaborative period of 20 weeks, Megh and I diligently worked together to achieve his goals.

During this time, Megh made remarkable progress, successfully shedding a total of 29.4 pounds (from an initial weight of 190 pounds down to 160.6 pounds). Furthermore, his dedication and training paid off significantly in his powerlifting competition, where he demonstrated exceptional performance.


Notably, Megh achieved impressive numbers, including a 364-pound squat, a 235-pound bench press, and a 455-pound deadlift. These achievements signify his notable strength and accomplishment in the realm of powerlifting while being able to drop significant weight.

Body Recomposition


In April 2022, Dylan approached me with the objective of maintaining his current weight while simultaneously gaining lean muscle mass. After carefully considering Dylan's goals, we collaboratively devised a comprehensive plan that involved entering a recomposition phase. It is worth noting that Dylan was concurrently engaged in various commitments, including completing his undergraduate studies, contributing to the family business, and preparing for a family vacation.

Over a span of 8 weeks, Dylan made notable progress in accordance with the recomposition plan. Remarkably, he exhibited positive changes in his physique, appearing more filled out and muscular. Despite a minor decrease in weight from 180 to 178 pounds, Dylan's body composition visibly improved, indicating successful achievement of his desired outcome.


This brief period of recomposition proved to be highly effective, resulting in Dylan's enhanced physical appearance compared to his initial state before embarking on the program.

Dylan Transformation.jpeg







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